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Sheikh Saoud meets International Fencing Federation’s Farber

Chairman of the Qatar Fencing Federation (QFF) Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrhaman Al-Thani, who is also the General Secretary of the Qatar National Olympics Committee (QNOC),

held a meeting here yesterday with Jochen Farber, media head of the Federation Internationale D`Escrime (FIE), currently on a Doha visit. During the meeting, they discussed about preparations being made by Qatar to host the fencing World Cup in January 2004. Farber said he was pleased to see the preparations made so far to host the international event which is
the first-ever to be held in a Gulf state. The event, which will feature only epee, is set to attract fencers from 35 countries with 26 already signed including Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Korea. Doha World Cup is also one of the qualifying stages for the Athens Olympics.

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