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World Fencing Cup logo unveiled
A new accomplishment is witnessed at the Middle East sport capital of Doha. In January 2004, the Qatar Fencing Association will namely host the World Fencing Cup (Epee).

THE Qatar National Olympic Committee (QNOC) General Secretary and Qatar
Fencing Association President, Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman al-Thani
yesterday formally unveiled the logo of World Fencing Cup (Epee), which will be hosted by Qatar on January 10 and 11, 2004.
The International Fencing Federation (FIE), in its general assembly, unanimously voted in favour of Qatar as a host of this
prestigious event.
FIE President Rene Roche was also present on the occasion.Speaking to reporters, Sheikh Saud expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the cooperation extended by the FIE and was glad to note that the FIE is satisfied with Qatar's arrangements.A total of 100 fencers from 20 countries are expected to participate in the World Fencing Cup.
"The FIE officials visited Doha in January and inspected all the facilities and returned satisfied," he said. "We are indeed happy to host this event which will be first of its kind in the Middle East." Egypt had earlier hosted a junior category event.
"We are keen to promote fencing as a sport
and we are doing our best to attract young people to practice the sport," he added.
The Qatar Fencing Association would also host a Gulf level fencing tournament in March next year.
"The FIE is happy to see that Qatar has the qualified manpower, the
financial abilities and a wide experience required to make the event a major success," Roche said. He also congratulated the QFA and said that he was happy to see that such event would boost the development of fencing in the Gulf region and in Asia.
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