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Fencing camp for Qatar team in Kuwait

The Qatar fencing team left Doha yesterday for a coaching camp in Kuwait which will prepare them for taking part in international competitions. The camp was planned in co-ordination with the Kuwaiti fencing association. A busy schedule lies ahead for the team with many friendly tussles involved during their stay there. They are likely to fence with al-Qadsiya, al-Salmiya,

Alyarmoukh and al-Jahrah club members. All age categories will participate in the matches. Kuwaiti clubs are supposed to be the best in the region and this coaching camp will help in exposing Qatar's youngsters to top class competition from which they can add to their experience. The delegation is headed by Abdullah Johar al-Ali, general secretary of Qatar Fencing Association, and delegation members Khalid Mohamed al-Kaabi, Mohsin
Esa Buhakab and trainers Ali Abdurrahman and Bil Qassim Ayyadhi and Hisham Kashoot. The fencers are Fahd Ali Yami, Mohamed al-Dosari, Yahya Ghalib, Bader al-Dosari, Dawood al-Shakeeli, Hamdi Mohamed Thani.
The under-21 team includes Mohamed Kabayee, Khalid Ahmed al-Hammadi, Nasser al-Saih, Ali al-Boainin, Ahmed Salim Johar, Abdullah Ismail. The subjunior team comprises Mohamed Basahel, Hamad Yakut, Falah al-Obaidly, Mohamed Salaam, Alhumam Abdurrahman, Abdullah Ibrahimi, Mohamed Musad, Mohamed Mirdayi and Abdullah Sultan.

The camp will continue till February 8.

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